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Revitalash REVITABROW ADVANCED eyebrow conditioner 3 ml Revitalash REVITABROW ADVANCED eyebrow conditioner 3 ml
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Chanel CRAYON sourcils Chanel CRAYON sourcils
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Revitalash HI-DEF tinted brow gel #soft brown 7,4 ml Revitalash HI-DEF tinted brow gel #soft brown 7,4 ml
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Perfectly shaped and lined eyebrows enhance the positive effect of skillful eye makeup, so do not neglect this part of your daily makeup routines! In this section, we offer a wide variety of products assisting in eyebrow makeup. Modern producers have designed a huge product line of cosmetics for eyebrow care and makeup including brow wizzes, pomades, definers, volumising fiber gels, powders, and pencils. They come in a variety of forms, so you may choose a creamy, cream-to-powder, gel, liquid, or mousse texture for better application depending on the form, shape, thickness, and color of your eyebrows.

Eyebrow makeup is also connected with some peculiarities you should keep in mind to keep your eyebrows’ appearance natural and only enhance it with makeup solutions. Follow these simple tips to look perfect:

  • If you want to achieve an effect of bolder-looking brows, we recommend using a wax-based pencil fitting the natural color of your eyebrows. The use of short, light strokes will create a perfect look that you distinguish your makeup mastery.

  • In case you are a ‘happy’ owner of bushy brows, you should first snip off the excessive unruly hairs by combing them with a brow brush upwards to see your natural bottom line of eyebrow growth. After you trim the bushy brows and tweeze their lower line, you may start eyebrow makeup.

  • Dealing with over-plucked brows is also possible with the help of a wax-based brow pencil, but be careful about selecting the color. The uncontested hit for all eyebrow colors is taupe color, which creates a perfect natural shade that is almost universal.

  • Makeup for very fair brows also requires due care; experts recommend using tined brow wax to darken the brow arches, and filling sparse and light areas with short strokes by following the natural line of hair growth.

  • Usage of eyebrow powder for light brows is not recommended! It tends to fade out as the day progresses, so you risk remaining without eyebrow makeup closer to the end of the day.

  • Those who face a problem of over-trimmed, stubble brows may derive a huge benefit from using a soft brow pencil for restoring a more natural upper brow edge. Here, the use of short, feathery strokes may do you a good favor in creating natural looks and brow filling.

  • Elderly women with gray eyebrows face their own set of problems with producing a homogeneous, natural-looking eye makeup. This issue may be resolved by cutting gray hairs as close to the root as possible, leaving all normal-colored hairs intact, and camouflaging the spare spaces with non-creamy tinted grow gel. Such a solution will ensure that light coloring is given to the eyebrow hair and their form is fixed.

  • Plucking of gray hair is not recommended! In this way you risk to distort the natural shape of your eyebrows, camouflaging which will be a greater challenge.

Select products that suit you from the product list of Wearoma, and you will remain completely satisfied with quality, pricing, and shipping of all merchandize in our online store! Look for your products for an impeccable eyebrow makeup and consider the best offers of our partners.