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Kanebo THE LIPSTICK le rouge à lèvres Kanebo THE LIPSTICK le rouge à lèvres
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Sisley PHYTO LIP rouge à lèvres #L17-rouge baroque 3.5 gr Sisley PHYTO LIP rouge à lèvres #L17-rouge baroque 3.5 gr
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Shiseido VEILED ROUGE lipstick Shiseido VEILED ROUGE lipstick
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Clinique QUICKLINER for lips Clinique QUICKLINER for lips
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Guerlain KISSKISS lipstick Guerlain KISSKISS lipstick
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Kanebo ROUGE VIBRANT cream Kanebo ROUGE VIBRANT cream
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Chanel ROUGE COCO lipstick Chanel ROUGE COCO lipstick
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Estee Lauder PURE COLOR ENVY lipstick Estee Lauder PURE COLOR ENVY lipstick
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Chanel LE CRAYON lèvres Chanel LE CRAYON lèvres
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What can be more appealing in a woman’s appearance than a magnificent look of her lips? Plump, sexy lips are in trend now; it is enough to have a look at the sexiest lips in the world – Angelina Jolie style – to understand how much young girls are ready to do now to make their lips perfect. Wearoma offers a huge selection of various makeup solutions for lips, which you can use for refined look and enhance your lips for creating your desired image. Look at the products’ selection and our experts’ advice on flawless lip makeup secrets.


Lipstick is in the arsenal of every self-respectful woman knowing at least a bit about makeup. Nowadays, you have a huge number of options to select your individual solution. Wearoma offers gorgeous shades of everlasting liquid sticks, oil-in-stick lipsticks, ultra-rich lip colors, and glossy stains. Some reputable, elite brands also offer velvet matt lip pencils, color enhancing lipsticks, and satin radiance lipsticks – each and every unique on its own.

Lip Stains

Those who do not like to wear lipstick often prefer lip stains as a lighter and sheerer alternative. They usually wear less than lipstick, but they are comparatively more radiant and can create a healthy, shimmering gloss so many young women adore. At present, you can select a glossy stain or a cream lip stain; more original options include melted liquefied long-wear lipstick and glossy nude stains. For those who do not like gloss may select among a variety of matte lip tints – the major secret of successful use thereof is to be careful about color and texture selection. Everything has to be in tune – eye makeup, texture of face base, and cheek tint.

Lip Plumping Glosses and Treatments

Lip plumpers are a gorgeous accessory for those who want to add volume to their lips. This kind of lip cosmetics, be it lip polish, lip cream, or lip maximizer – all these products serve as perfect moisture and treatment for lips. Plumping lip balms are true beauty amplifiers, so you can enjoy the full spectrum of their benefits for nourishing and volumizing their lips for a top-notch makeup effect.

Lip Liners

Lip liners and lip perfectors vary in quality and type, but any of them is a wonderful addition to makeup. When you apply lip perfector around the edge of your lips, you prevent lipstick from feathering. All lip makeup experts advise using lip liners to the fullest degree if you want to achieve mastery in giving your lips the desired shape and texture. Lip liners are unrivaled assistants in making your lips look bigger. Moreover, using the lip liner will make your lipstick use more durable. One small secret: lining the center of the Cupid’s Bow and center of the bottom lip with a sharpened lip liner improves lip symmetry, thus improving the overall appearance of your lips.

No matter which type of lip makeup products you select, keep in mind that sexy lips should not be over-emphasized and misshaped. The pursuit of big lips should be moderated by natural looks and an elegant color selection, so make sure to select the most suitable types of cosmetics to look unrivaled! Select from a wide range of Wearoma lip products and buy online!